EXTSMAIL.CONF(5)              File Formats Manual             EXTSMAIL.CONF(5)

     extsmail.conf â< configure robust sending of e-mail to external commands

     extsmail.conf is used to configure extsmail(1) and extsmaild(1).  It
     consists of one or more key = value pairs. The following variables are

             Sets the location of the spool directory used by extsmail(1) and
             extsmaild(1).  This is the only variable which must be set in
             every configuration file.

             Specifies how often notifications of unsucessful deliveries
             should be made.  If unspecified, or set to 0, notifications will
             never be made. Times are specified as a number followed by d
             (days), h (hours), m (minutes), or s (seconds).

             The shell command to be executed when notify_failure_interval
             seconds / minutes / hours / days have elapsed since the last
             fully successful send cycle. If the string ${TIME} exists in the
             command, it is replaced with a pretty printed string detailing
             how much time has elapsed since the last fully successfuly send
             cycle.  The resulting string is then passed to system(3).  Note
             that no security checking is (or can be) done on the command, so
             this option should be used with caution if a single configuration
             file serves multiple users. Please check the warnings that come
             with system(3).

             The shell command to be executed when 1 or more messages have
             been successfully sent. If the string ${SUCCESSES} exists in the
             command, it is replaced with a string representing the number of
             successfully sent messages. The same warnings that apply to
             notify_failure_cmd also apply to this command.

     The extsmail configuration file is searched for, in order, in the
     following locations:

             Per-user extsmail configuration.

             System-wide extsmail configuration.

     The simplest configuration file looks as follows:

           spool_dir = "~/somewhere"

     A more complex configuration which uses a notification framework to
     inform the user of mail sending and failure looks as follows:

           spool_dir = "~/somewhere"
           notify_failure_interval = 30m
           notify_failure_cmd = "notify-send -a extsmaild -c email
             -i mail-send -u critical 'extsmaild: ${TIME} since a fully
             successful send cycle'"
           notify_success_cmd = "notify-send -a extsmaild -c email
             -i mail-send -u low 'extsmaild: ${SUCCESSES} messages
             successfully sent'"

     extsmail(1), extsmail.externals(5), extsmaild(1)

     Laurence Tratt â¨http://tratt.net/laurie/â©

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