extsmail FAQ

What's the shortest config file(s)?

For most purposes (and assuming per-user rather than site-wide configuration) the shortest config files are as follows:
$ cat ~/.extsmail/conf
spool_dir = "~/.extsmail/spool_dir"
$ cat ~/.extsmail/externals
group {
    external mymachine {
        sendmail = "/usr/bin/ssh -q -C -l user mymachine.net /usr/sbin/sendmail"
where mymachine is a human-friendly name given to an external (it does not effect processing), and user is your username on the remote machine mymachine.net.

Automatically starting and stopping extsmaild

Starting and stopping UNIX daemons is a perennial problem, and extsmaild is not immune to such problems. Although multiple instances of extsmaild can (in theory) run side-by-side without negatively impacting each other, this is likely to lead to occasionally odd behaviour, and a general waste of resources. extsmaild therefore uses a lock file extsmaild.lock in the spool directory. When extsmaild is running, this lock file will be both present and flock'd; if the lock file is present but not flock'd, extsmaild assumes there is not another instance is running (this case can happen e.g. after a power failure). In general this means that simply calling extsmaild in a start-up script will do the right thing.