Robert M. M√ľnch (2022-08-06 11:45:41) Permalink
Great write-up. Thanks for this.

The common wisdom "Luck helps." is true, but one has to give luck a chance!

That's what many don't understand. Sitting at home and aggressively waiting for something happens won't work.

The German word for an entrepreneur is "Unternehmer," which relates to "unternehmen," which is doing something in English.

By undertaking something, one increases the chance that luck can help. To me, that's the main difference of so seen "successful" people to the majority.

Akshit Parmar (2022-10-30 21:23:30) Permalink
Hi Laurie, Thanks for penning your experiences with chance in such a deliberate manner! I was struggling with questions about events in my life as well and your piece surely helps put things in perspective.