Colin Dean (2022-08-09 15:11:04) Permalink
This is definitely a cool solution!

I've used Asciinema ( in the past to record and playback terminal sessions even without the online integration. The output is a highly compressed format consisting of timing info and the actual text, so it's much smaller than a video file. For when a video is necessary, I've used Asciicast2gif (, which converts the output to a GIF and then I can easily convert the GIF to a MP4, etc.

I can see the utility of going directly to a screen recording though.

Laurence Tratt (2022-08-09 15:25:14) Permalink

Asciinema is great and I used it for the console windows in!

Florian Hänel (2022-08-10 11:09:09) Permalink
I don't know about the story on BSDs but on linux you can use which also supports selecting windows, screens, manual source rectangles, as well as using nvenc for encoding, recording audio, a preview window and so on.

Oscar Nierstrasz (2022-08-10 16:34:05) Permalink
It's easy peasy with QuickTime on a Mac.