James Noble (2022-04-20 08:05:17) Permalink
There are at least a couple of places I've seen with a premium on practicing programming. On one side, the Software Craft crowd certainly has an emphasis on various kinds of practice --- a bit of a pity about the evangelical complementarianism lurking too close to the surface. Actual composers & musicians, coming out of artistic traditions that emphasis practice and virtuosity have developed Live Coding as a hybrid musical/programming art form. Then I guess the Coding Dojo movement in some ways unifies the two - programmers meet to practice by livecoding simple examples

Mitch (2022-04-20 14:58:09) Permalink
Thank you! You've inspired me (among other things) to write my own comment system with Javascript.

Mayuresh Kathe (2022-04-24 14:21:30) Permalink
Hope you do realize that those expert musicians mostly learn, practice and master only one musical instrument and genre, which stays constant throughout their careers/life-times. Contrast that with the world of computing where your chosen combination of ISA, OS, programming language/system undergo major upheavals on an almost every 3 year basis.

It would be unwise to compare a professional in the world of computing with that in any other.

TQ White II (2022-04-25 13:35:54) Permalink
I share your inclination to automate. My life, and technique, are infinitely better because of these real-world programming experiences.

Another thing that I think worth mentioning is refactoring. I relentlessly refactor programs I work on. It drives my bosses/clients crazy but, when I need to change something, I almost never am willing to just patch in the change. Instead, I reorganize the program so that it looks like the new function was part of the original design.

This makes the program much stronger but by revisiting the ideas I used in the past, I understand my current strategies much better. Almost always, I find real problems that lurked in the old code and, by seeing and structuring those out of existence, I learn to avoid similar mistakes in the future. I also become more aware of what I think is right and good.