bert (2023-04-12 10:29:11) Permalink
Thanks, Laurence. This was a very enjoyable read and a cute little exercise. Subscribed!

Alan Howlett (2023-04-12 11:35:49) Permalink
Nice writeup. Your style is very helpful in clarifying the processes involved.

Lucien (2023-04-12 12:08:30) Permalink
I never manage to understand the point of over-engineered projects like these. It doesn't solve an actual problem, it's an absurd solution looking for a problem. The washing machine already tells you on its own when it's done, and before starting the machine it will also tell you the required programme time on its display, so you can use your wrist watch, or an egg timer, or just "sleep XYZ; notify-send blah" in a terminal. All this effort brings no actual practical benefit. I don't get it.

@Lucien (2023-04-12 13:39:28) Permalink
It's funny, there's always this one guy in the comments who's apparently never heard of the concept called "fun".

urig (2023-04-12 15:46:02) Permalink
Thanks for the clear write-up. I've saved it to my pocket in case I need to do something similar in the future.

It's a bit sad that one has to go through Miele's servers to get the data from one room in the house to another. Imagine if the REST server (securely) ran on the washing machine and was available through LAN. :)

Rolf Ã…berg (2023-06-08 18:45:50) Permalink
Great stuff, I want to do what you did, only in Windows using PowerShell, but I stumble already on redirect_uri (I think...). You didn't happen to create a Windows version of pizauth by any chance?

Laurence Tratt (2023-06-08 19:24:45) Permalink
@Rolf I don't have access to a Windows box to test, I'm afraid. Perhaps pizauth compiles out of the box given modern Windows' POSiX subsystem? It might be worth a try, but there's a fair chance that it will need at least minor tweaks to compile and run. If someone does those, I'd happily accept a PR for pizauth!