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2021-08-08:extsmail 2.5 released
2021-06-22:'Static Integer Types' blog post added
2021-03-23:'Automatic Video Editing' blog post added
2021-03-01:Video of 'Virtual Machine Warmup Blows Hot and Cold' talk added
2021-01-19:'The Evolution of a Research Paper' blog post added
2020-12-03:snare 0.4.1 released
2020-11-17:'Automatic Syntax Error Recovery' blog post added
2020-10-07:'Stick or Twist?' blog post added
2020-09-15:'Which Parsing Approach?' blog post added
2020-07-06:'Don't Panic! Better, Fewer, Syntax Errors for LR Parsers' paper added
2020-05-13:snare 0.4.0 released
2020-05-06:'Alternative Sources of Advice' blog post added
2020-03-02:snare 0.2.0 released
2020-02-17:supuner 0.2 released
2020-02-13:snare 0.1.0 released
2020-01-31:extsmail 2.4 released
2019-10-14:extsmail 2.3 released
2019-09-23:'Default Disambiguation for Online Parsers' paper added
2019-08-15:'Minimum Times Tend to Mislead When Benchmarking' blog post added
2019-05-26:rerun_except 0.1.0 released
2019-05-04:lang_tester 0.1.0 released
2019-02-12:'A Quick Look at Trait Objects in Rust' blog post added
2018-12-13:grmtools 0.1.0 released
2018-11-30:extsmail 2.2 released
2018-09-19:'Why Aren’t More Users More Happy With Our VMs? Part 2' blog post added
2018-09-05:'Why Aren’t More Users More Happy With Our VMs? Part 1' blog post added
2018-06-03:multitime 1.4 released
2018-01-10:'What I’ve Learnt So Far About Writing Research Papers' blog post added
2017-11-25:extsmail 2.1 released
2017-10-19:S-REPLS 8 at King's announced
2017-10-11:'Virtual Machine Warmup Blows Hot and Cold' paper added
2017-06-22:'What Challenges and Trade-Offs do Optimising Compilers Face?' blog post added
2017-05-01:'Modelling Homogeneous Generative Meta-programming' paper added
2016-09-21:'Fine-grained Language Composition' blog post added
2016-07-07:'Making an Embedded DBMS JIT-friendly' paper added
2016-07-07:'Fine-grained Language Composition: A Case Study' paper added
2016-07-06:Virtual Machines Summer School videos now available
2016-01-28:Virtual Machines Summer School 2016 (2016-05-31 until 2016-06-03) announced
2016-01-01:cmdseq 0.1 released
2015-08-21:'Approaches to Interpreter Composition' paper added
2015-07-28:'Debugging Layers' blog post added
2015-03-31:'Fine-grained Language Composition' draft added
2015-03-06:'Program Logics for Homogeneous Generative Run-Time Meta-Programming' paper added
2014-11-12:extsmail 2.0 released
2014-08-20:'Eco: A Language Composition Editor' paper added
2014-08-20:'An editor for composed programs' blog post added
2014-06-20:extsmail 1.9 released
2014-05-29:extsmail 1.8 released
2014-03-12:extsmail 1.7 released
2014-02-25:Converge 2.1 released
2014-02-22:multitime 1.3 released
2014-02-18:packagesbootstrap 1.3 released
2013-12-04:'The bootstrapped compiler and the damage done' blog post added
2013-09-24:'Relative and absolute levels' blog post added
2013-09-17:'Unipycation: a case study in cross-language tracing' paper added
2013-08-17:'Detecting ambiguity in programming language grammars' paper added
2013-07-31:'Storage strategies for collections in dynamically typed languages' paper added
2013-06-04:'Parsing Composed Grammars with Language Boxes' paper added
2013-04-09:'General Purpose Programming Languages' Speed of Light' blog post added
2013-03-06:'The Impact of Meta-Tracing on VM Design and Implementation' paper added
2013-01-28:Formal announcement of the Software Development Team's formation
2012-12-15:multitime 1.2 released
2012-11-17:extsmail 1.6 released
2012-10-25:'Another Non-Argument in Type Systems' blog post added
2012-10-23:multitime 1.1 released
2012-10-07:'Search-Based Ambiguity Detection in Context-Free Grammars' paper added
2012-09-24:multitime 1.0 released
2012-08-21:'Experimental Assessment of Software Metrics Using Automated Refactoring' paper added
2012-08-02:'Server Failover For the Cheap and Forgetful' blog post added
2012-07-31:Converge 2.0 released
2012-07-13:extsmail 1.5 released
2012-02-08:'Fast Enough VMs in Fast Enough Time' blog post added
2012-01-14:Slides of several of my talks are now available
2011-10-02:Another new Unix utility: multitime
2011-09-01:I've moved to King's College London
2011-06-28:'Problems with Software 3: Creating Crises Where There Aren't Any' blog post added
2011-06-19:supuner 0.1 released
2011-06-18:extsmail 1.4 released
2011-06-07:'Problems with Software 2: Failing to Use the Computing Lever' blog post added
2011-06-01:Converge 1.2 released
2011-05-30:Two new, small, Unix-only releases: xcage and supuner
2011-04-19:'Problems with Software 1: Confusing Problems Whose Solutions Are Easy to State With Problems Whose Solutions Are Easy to Realise' blog post added
2011-04-15:Follow me on twitter @laurencetratt
2011-04-07:Slides and video available for 'What Role for Static Analysis in Malware Detection?' talk
2011-04-04:Slides and video available for 'Slicing State Based Models' talk
2011-03-15:'Parsing: The Solved Problem That Isn't' blog post added
2010-12-30:Experimentally, some publications are now available in HTML
2010-10-26:'Direct left-recursive parsing expressing grammars' now available as a technical report
2010-08-25:'In Praise of the Imperfect' blog post added
2010-08-20:Added 'find citations' links to publications so that readers can track related work
2010-08-18:'Experiences with an Icon-like Expression Evaluation System' paper added
2010-07-20:ICMT 2010 proceedings now available
2010-05-30:extsmail 1.3 released
2010-04-07:'A Modest Attempt to Help Prevent Unnecessary Static / Dynamic Typing Debates' blog post added
2010-03-03:I've moved to Middlesex University
2010-02-07:'Comparative study of DSL tools' paper added
2009-12-16:'A Proposal for Error Handling' blog post added
2009-09-24:extsmail 1.2 released
2009-09-15:'The Missing Level of Abstraction?' blog post added
2009-09-08:Converge 1.1 released
2009-08-22:'Language Factories' paper added
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