• Converge: An advanced object orientated programming language.
  • cactus: Parent pointer trees for Rust.
  • cmdseq: Execute interleaved sequences of commands.
  • email_merger: A simple mail merge for e-mail program.
  • extsmail: Robust sending of e-mail to external commands.
  • grmtools: a suite of Rust libraries and binaries for parsing text, both at compile-time, and run-time.
  • lang_tester: Concise language testing framework for compilers and VMs.
  • multitime: timing statistics from multiple executions of a command.
  • packagesbootstrap: bulk download OpenBSD packages.
  • packedvec: Store Rust vectors of integers efficiently.
  • rerun_except: Control which files should not trigger a cargo rebuild.
  • snare: A minimalistic GitHub webhooks runner.
  • srep: Search and replace regular expressions over multiple files / directories.
  • supuner: manipulate stderr and stdout when running commands.
  • vob: A bit vector library for Rust.
  • xcage: run programs in a nested X session as another user.

A list of software I wrote but no longer maintain is also available.