SNARE(1) General Commands Manual SNARE(1)

snareGitHub webhooks runner

snare [-c config-file] [-d] [-v]

snare is a GitHub webhooks daemon. When snare receives a webhook event from a given repository, it authenticates the request, and then executes a user-defined “per-repo program” with information about the webhook event. The “per-repo program” is run in a freshly created temporary directory which is removed once it has completed.

The options are as follows:

is a path to a snare.conf configuration file. If not specified, snare assumes the configuration file is located at /etc/snare/snare.conf/.
tells snare not to daemonise: in other words, `snare` stays in the foreground and logs errors to stderr. This can be useful for debugging.
enables more verbose logging. -v may be specified multiple times, with each increasing the quantity of logging.

snare runs an HTTP server which GitHub can send webhook requests to. Configuring a webhook for a given GitHub repository is relatively simple: go to that repository, then “Settings > Webhooks > Add webhook”. For “payload”, specify “”, specify a “secret” (which you will then reuse as the in snare.conf(5)) and then choose which events you wish GitHub to deliver.

snare runs an HTTP server. If you wish, as is recommended, to send your webhooks over an encrypted connection, you will need to run a proxy in front of snare.

When run as a daemon, snare logs to syslogd(8) under the “daemon” facility.


2020-02-10 OpenBSD 7.5