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Integrating applications with extsmail

Configuring applications to use extsmail is typically easy. This page aims to make the process even easier by recording how to configure different applications to use extsmail. Contributions of configuration options for programs not listed on this page are always welcome.

mail / mailx

Set the sendmail environment variable before executing mail / mailx e.g.:
$ sendmail=/usr/local/bin/extsmail mail
On Debian this can be set with:
$ cat ~/.mailrc
set sendmail=/usr/bin/extsmail


The sendmail option in your muttrc needs to be updated to e.g.:
set sendmail="/usr/local/bin/extsmail -oem -oi"

pine / alpine

The sendmail-path option in your pinerc needs to be updated to e.g.:
sendmail-path=/usr/local/bin/extsmail -oem -oi