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August 30 2022

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Distinguishing an Interpreter from a Compiler
try_repeat released
Why We Need to Know LR and Recursive Descent Parsing Techniques
Compiled and Interpreted Languages: Two Ways of Saying Tomato
Software Security Research Position
How Might Generative AI Change Programming?
pizauth: differentiating transient from permanent errors
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More Evidence for Problems in VM Warmup
What is a Research Summer School?
  • Implicit practice: a sight reading parable. How does deliberate practise relate to what we do for work? We often forget that work can, and often should, involve deliberate practise.
  • Using unwrap() in Rust is Okay. I broadly agree with this: unwrap() in Rust, used properly, makes code better. My (very) minor source of disagreement is that I've almost never seen expect help when debugging, but it always makes code messier.
  • How and why to do link-time symbol wrapping (or not?). More fun with linkers!
  • Whence Systems Research? Why should we think big, when should we think big, why do we often fail to think big? This article doesn't exactly answer these questions – indeed, it bounces around them – but it does at least give some rather useful examples and pointers.
  • Weird monitor bugs people sent me in the last 5 years. I've seen some odd behaviour in monitors over the years but have never had enough data to conclude whether it's them or me: more data definitely shows it can be the hardware, at least sometimes!
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