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CHERITech22 and PLISS 2022

July 19 2022

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CHERITech22 and PLISS 2022
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One of the little pleasures of my job is organising events where people can come together to share knowledge and form new bonds. Unsurprisingly, covid put something of a dampener on in-person events, but I'm happy to announce two upcoming in-person events I'm co-organising: CHERITech22 is free; PLISS does have a registration fee, though we are able to subsidise some attendees who otherwise might not be able to attend. In both cases you have to fill out a form expressing your interest in attending, and we'll notify the successful applicants later.

Organising events like this involves a lot more people than are visible to most attendees. I'm grateful both to my co-organisers, and all the people behind the scenes, for helping make them happen!

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