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  • On Turing machines I found this overview from of Turing’s (and other’s) early work on the theory of computers / software enlightening — even though I knew in advance that I wouldn’t know all of the details, I was surprised by how little I actually knew!
  • Self-hosting a static site with OpenBSD, httpd, and relayd I’ve been meaning to hide several of my server processes behind relayd for ages. This blog post gave me the kick up the behind I needed to do so!
  • RETBLEED: Arbitrary Speculative Code Execution with Return Instructions Another Spectre mitigation down. “we invalidate some of the key assumptions behind retpoline… RETBLEED leaks privileged memory at the rate of 219 bytes/s on Intel Coffee Lake and 3.9 kB/s on AMD Zen 2.”
  • Mechanical watch, a stunning animation and description of a mechanical watch — for the first time I (roughly) understand how they work!
  • Twenty years of Valgrind When I first came across valgrind I thought “surely that can’t work with any real software?” Yet it did, and I’m still using it regularly 20 years later!
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