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How Hard is it to Adapt a Memory Allocator to CHERI?
"Programming" and "Programmers" Mean Different Things to Different People
pizauth: First Stable Release
The Need to Explain
Two Stories for "What is CHERI?"
My Interview with Eelco Visser on Parsing
Why Split Lexing and Parsing Into Two Separate Phases?
Displaying My Washing Machine's Remaining Time With curl, jq, and pizauth
pizauth: dump and restore
How Big Should a Programming Language Be?
  • The Last Person Standing in the Floppy Disk Business I suspect I last used a floppy disk in 1997 or so and at that point they already felt anachronistic. But there's still enough demand that there's a company selling these no-longer-manufactured lumps of plastic and iron!
  • Adversarial Collaboration At first I didn't really understand this article by a psychologist about (simplifying heavily) who should be involved in replication studies, but by the end I had definitely rethought the way I can imagine such studies being done.
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