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August 8 2022

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The soft-dev research team is growing and there are two open jobs: Both jobs are looking at the security side of systems in the context of CHERI. Roughly speaking, the CapableVMs position is looking to secure programming language virtual machines, and the Chrompartments position is looking to secure web browsers.

Come and join our happy band of researchers! We're open-minded about who the right sort of people might be for either job: you might, for example, be a researcher who wants to work on your programming chops; or a programmer who wants to work on your researcher chops. Most importantly, you need to be enthusiastic about software, partly because the rest of us are, but mostly because, with that, you can learn nearly everything else you need on the job. You do need to be eligible to work in the UK, though we are flexible about where you work within the UK.

If you have questions about either job, please send me an email!

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